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What Is The Most Unbelievable or Odd Thing Youve Found While Hunting Artifacts?

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    It was spring time and the Barn Swallows were busy rebuilding nests. Down to a mudded spot, that fast back to there homes.
    Not the artifact I had in mind, rusted out pliers. After looking back up I could see there outline in the concrete. They had been forgotten and than lost in the build only to rustout and fall from the form.
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      Over the yeras IU have found some crazy things. Here are a few.
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        How bout hand-cranked wringer washing machine?! ….just laying by self there on its side, all rusty, middle of woods. Horse said, no we’re not bringing that back…
        Click image for larger version  Name:	A2DE7968-2C4E-46F8-B52A-797A616080ED.jpg Views:	0 Size:	86.2 KB ID:	672188
        like this guy…..
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          Wow! Well im glad im not the only finding crazy, unusual, out of place, strange oddities on my hunts! That was some good stuff and thank yall for sharing. My oddest is a tossup between two. My ex girlfriend’s Father and i were out on the mighty Red years ago and came across a briefcase type object hung in a log jam so out of curiosity we retrieved it and began to go through it. Not what we expected, it belonged to someone from Homeland Security. Had his photo id, and other credentials in it and was filled with classified documents and recipients and many of them were in foreign languages. Kind of creeped us out because no idea how it got this far from civilization and what happened to this man 🤷🏻‍♂️ We kept it of course and as soon as we got home Bruce called a good friend who is a state police and he contacted Homeland Security division in our area and in the snap of a finger they showed up in an unmarked car in plain clothes to retrieve this briefcase case. The only info we provided was were we found it and they asked no questions. Got it and left. And we never found out anything else about it or the person it belonged to. Id say that was the strangest. The tossup one id like to share is something ive found several times in my days hunting this creek but to me are pretty crazy to those who have never found or thought of finding. Lil background info…..this particular creek runs through the Southwest Proving Grounds near Hope AR where all types of munitions were built and tested during WW2. From hand grenades to 200lb bombs. Many of these they tested didnt detonate and are still very dangerous and have estimates of up to 800 diff munitions per acre. Yes 800/acre. Occasionally there make their way to the creek i hunt and i think this is definitely top 3 of the craziest things ive found. Here is a picture of one i found just a few weeks ago. BTW if you ever find one PLEASE leave it be and do not disturb it. From my studies many are still live and can detonate if disturbed.
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            Holy Smoke that's great. Is it a Parrot Shell from the Civil War?

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            No lone star, these are WW2 era fro the SW Proving grounds in AR. Ive heard 155mm shells but thats just what someone suggested

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          Yikes is right! Looks like a 155 round. Something for the EOD boys to tinker with.
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            I found a dinosaur, recently. That count? Lol.
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