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Small triple notched point

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  • Small triple notched point

    So this was purchased in a Hancock County IL collection but it was one of the few not cataloged. So I am just curious if it is authentic, I had concerns just because of the color and it just seems different than the rest of the pieces I purchased.

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    Cahokian…. Authentic or not, I cannot say.
    I’ve never seen that material before, to me, that throws a red flag.
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      If it was a sizeable collection and if all of the other points in the collection are authentic then I think you would have no reason to doubt this one.


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        I agree with both of the above comments.

        If the rest of the collection is clean family found collection, this piece is likely good. It wasn't a particularly valuable style of arrowhead many years ago.

        But the material does throw me for a loop as well. Also pretty shallow notches for the type, most Cahokia triple notch points have deeper notches.
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          Solid advice so far, the material "may be" some type of river cobble or glacial flint.
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            Hard to tell with your pictures. You can’t see much detail. The lithic is unusual for what we usually see here.
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              Ate you sure the entire collection came from the same area? There are points out here in the west that are made like that. Billings, here in Montana, and i think, Harrell in other western states... we also have some of the most exotic lithics you will see out here.
              Judith Basin, Montana