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  • What is it???

    Found around Onalaska/Lake Livingston area in the 1960's. Most opinions vary on this one. Cupp maybe? It's a hair over 5"

    What would you Texas guys type it as?

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    It is a Godley. Near identical to the ones we dug on the Brazos. Even same Brazos river cobble


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      That is an incredible beautiful point. I'm glad that Garguy is able to give you the type.


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        An interesting point about the Godley points we dug. Several were first stage. Several more had just a little resharpening. No exhausted examples. We dug about 60 fine ones. All were very high quality material and high grade work. Several were between 5 and 6 inches. I would have bet yours came right out of the same hill. Maybe it did and was traded.

        Justin Whitworth has the frame although Bill German is trying to buy it.


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          Thats the first time I have heard someone type this as a Godley Steve. I believe you are correct as always.

          The notches are also ground. Like I said in the original post, this was a personal find of Lewis West and his son in the 1960's.

          I had the opportunity to cherry pick what I could afford from this large collection of Onalaska finds.


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            I lost all my pics but I will get some. This point type has been a mystery to me ever since we dug them. Some, I really wanted to call Cody because of the general shape and quality. After we really got into them, it was obvious they were a very distinct type if their own. I showed a couple 5 5 inches to Bill gerrnan and he peed down his leg over them and immediately called Godley.

            I swear Your fine example would fit perfectly in the group. I'm still puzzled about t g e lack of breakage or exhausted points.


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              I would like to see some pic's if you can dredge them up. I can see why you would jump on the Cody lineage on these due to the fine flaking. Thanks for your insight Steve...

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            I dug up a couple pics. I'll see if I can get pics of the frame. The one shown in hand is third from right in the group pic. I sure wanted to make it Cody but we started finding quite a few. That particular spot in that huge site was the only place I ever dug Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0240.jpg
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ID:	673134Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_0667.jpg
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ID:	673133 Godley points.


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              We dug quite a few with the more exaggerated notch and little barb on the base identical to yours.


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                You sure do dig up some nice artifacts Steve. The third from the left sure has the same shape and the second from the right basically has the same base shape and they are much wider.

                Thanks for digging those pictures up, I enjoyed looking at them...


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                  I'll see if I can get more pics. Those may not be the best godley points we dug. I think that pic was out of 2 days digging. We have a couple just like yours.