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  • Validity

    When looking on sites like and such when they show a grouping from an area they have several lists at the top. One is validity. Under that list they have a type for each point. I understand all but 1. What do they mean by having "collector" listed for a point under that heading?

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    I think what you might be noticing is “Collector” type VS “Valid” type. The difference is a “Valid” type was usually named by an archaeologist is context from a dig site and with other supporting information, collector types are not named by archaeologists but collectors, Authenticators etc. I’ve noticed a lot of time it seems like collector types are just specific variants of already valid types that might have one or two defining traits.


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      Collector type was not named in a professional paper. A good example is the Kirk snap base. Lol that page will probably generate a bunch of hits today. That type is accepted by many collectors who have a point with the base snapped off. Ask a professional archaeologist about a point like that which is out of context and he/she would never even try to type it.
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