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Cow or Bison tooth

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  • Cow or Bison tooth

    Found this in central Texas at the Lampasas river after a lot of rain washed out a portion of the bank, not sure if this is a cow or bison tooth, any help is greatly appreciated

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    I am not sure if there is really a way to tell a difference. I found a few Teeth like that away from any Pastures so I figure Bison. I once took a Tooth to Archaeologist's, They told Me I had a fossilized Horse (different shape than Your's) Tooth. I guess magnification could help determine Age. It's probably Bison though, good Find!
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      Thanks, I might take this to the local university to have them check it out

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    It could be a bison tooth. They roamed Texas in just massive herds at one time...
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      Wait for Bone2stone's reply, Jesse knows his fossils, bones etc.


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        Well tried to rely but something went a little haywire!!!
        Could be a thunderstorm rolling over me as I type.
        Although the link I provided (below) takes you to the right site it does not take you to the read I attempted to link up.
        There are some very good know their stuff people on this other site that deals with fossils regularly.
        I learn from them all the time even Roger was on that site but he faded away from there too.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	image_29045_LI.jpg Views:	1 Size:	412.4 KB ID:	254748

        Your tooth is most likely a Bison. The stylid which I circled is one of the most distinguishing characteristics, but this is not always the case.
        Young cattle can have the stylid but it is usually weak and lose the cementum and thus will lose the stylid as they mature.
        Jess B.
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        It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
        It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

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          Thank you for the information Jesse, I'll have to check out the site


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            Is it fossilized? Not a lot of sediment color but I'm not familiar with the substrate where you found it.
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              Nice info Jess