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  • Tooth tool?

    I think this is a tooth. It’s from a midden/mound where I have collected several points, knives and scrapers. Could be a finger bone I guess but it looks like a tooth to me. Seems to be sharpened on two sides. Small holes go all the way through. I have also picked up large bison bones split lengthwise for the marrow. Haven’t found any other small bones or teeth. All of these points are from this spot. The creek bank is the backside. Aside from the one on the creek bank wall I’ve picked up the rest from the top and two gullies that cut through the mound on the far side. I’ve never dug into it so no telling what else is there. Middle of Atascosa County Texas is where our land is.

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    It’s a hoof toe bone most likely to a deer
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.


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      Yep, prolly deer toe tip bone. I have a few of these from middens that were hollowed out and shaped some, may have been socketed points
      Professor Shellman


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        I concer with Tom and Jay.Always thought they were teeth
        as well . Bone out of the hoof .
        We call them Doe toes


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          We hunt deer on the ranch and our bone yard is not too far away so the possibility exists that it could have found its way there.

          Is this how they are naturally? Smooth and sharp towards the point. A sharp point.

          It does have a "fresher" look and feel to it compared to the bison bones I have in my hand.

          Many thanks to all for the information.


          • Tam
            Tam commented
            Editing a comment
            Yes I can’t get my pic to post . I thought it was a tooth at first . I actually learned about them from this site . Who knew