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    Found this in one of my arrowhead creeks a few yrs. ago and really don't know what it is. One friend said it was a hunk of tree bark ,another said it was fossilized mud. It looks like a fossil algie patch to me but really dont know. The layer of what ever has some depth to it, probably 1/32" deep and the layer it's on is about 1/2" before it turns to regular rock. Just don't know. This it from SE IA.
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    Down in Arkansas there is a geologic formation called Carpet rocks. That looks similar on a smaller scale.
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      Thanks Hoss, I've been looking at these things since I was 12 years old trying to figure out how they were formed (find these types of rock formations on my grandparents property here in Kentucky) that you've giving me a name for it, I can now look it up and learn a little something

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    I think it's both. Has a fossiliferous layer/side and definitely a mud bubble kinda clay turned to stone deal. Really neat piece.
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      Yeah that is very Geo cool .