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Old bone or just recent?

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  • Old bone or just recent?

    This eroded out of the ground following a heavy rain at a rock shelter site I frequent (Archaic to Mississippian material). I don't really know anything about bone artifacts, so I'm wondering A., what this is, and B., whether it is old or just a recent piece of bone?

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    Looks fairly fresh to me , I’m fairly versed in bones and what part of the critter they went to, but I’m kinda stumped on that?! It’s definitly bone though I agree
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      Looks a lot like a hog tusk
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        I completely agree.

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      I think hog tusk is right now that I look at it. I’m in Georgia, so hogs have been around since the mid 1500s; how do you date something like this? I’ve seen bone tools that were brown and decayed and some that were white and fresh looking.