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  • Wondering what this is...

    Found this 4" fossil in a stream bed in Round Rock, TX. Most of the fossils around here are marine, but occasionally find petrified wood and a coprolite, also dino footprints. I thought it might be bone but not sure because the ends are odd, one is a little rounded off and the edges of the hollow almost looks worn rather than broken. Any thoughts on what it might be?
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    Yeah I could see where you would think its a bone. I'm not 100% either. We have some great fossil folks here. One of them will come along and nail it down. Definitely would have come home with me also.
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      Its a fractured/broken piece of bone. I can't tell if it's a fossil from the pic. A fossilized bone would be heavier, and of course harder. Could be a worn down awl or gouge if it was anything. But coming from a creek bed it could also just be a broken bone. That one is a little iffy. Thanks for posting.


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        You’ve presented a tough one ! Something for scale ?


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          Definitely fossil. I've found what I'd call semi-fossilized bone around here, bison and cattle, but this one is solid rock. Thinking it might be a small horn coral, but it's just different than the other coral fossils I' ve found. My kid thinks its a plesiosaur tooth. I doubt it, but can't say what it is. Both ends are odd. One is rounded off like its been worn, the other doesn't look like a joint.


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            Tis bone sir, not fully permineralized. (Most definitely not tooth anything)
            I have some deer horn in this condition. When struck on hard item it has a certain "ting"
            As for origin, a pinpoint ID would only be speculation.