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  • Trilobites

    Got a couple of very nice ancient water life forms from oldrocks2 in the mail box today .
    thanks Lawrence Click image for larger version

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    Awesome trilobites.....always wanted to find one of those.....maybe one day along the journey....thanks for sharing. Nice gesture from oldrocks2
    Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee


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      I like what appears to be the eyes looking back. I have one from Canada.


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        Here's looking at you.


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          Trilobites will always be my first love. Fossil collecting in general is my first love. There are so many families of trilobites. My favorite are the Olenellid family, and the Redlichid family. Best place for Olenellid species trilobites, which are from the Lower Cambrian, and therefore among the oldest species of trilobites, is the state of Nevada. Here is an older thread showing some nice Nevada Olenellus sp. Trilobites....

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            After the Olenellus sp. primitive trilobites, I am crazy over the Paradoxides sp. trilobites, found in the Middle Cambrian. Now, wherever Paradoxides trilobites are found, that land will have been part of an ancient volcanic island arc, or microcontinent, known as Avalonia. Avolonian deposits are found in Southeastern New England(I have found partial specimens), Morocco, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Spain, Wales, etc. All these lands were once connected. This is the reason the cliffs of Newport, RI closely resemble the cliffs in Anglesey, Wales. And Paradoxides sp., and related species, lived in the shallow seas around this island arc.

            Morocco is one of the world's top locations for trilobites. Here are a couple of Paradoxidid family trilobites from Morocco. The first is likely an Accadoparadoxides sp., one of the giants of the Cambrian seas....

            Click image for larger version  Name:	1042B22D-BD67-4E80-9444-A0902778773C-1666-00000095FA608A7F.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	229.8 KB ID:	409239

            Click image for larger version  Name:	EBD47987-81CD-4C53-A6A6-8E07197657DF-1666-000000963775B43C.png Views:	0 Size:	847.7 KB ID:	409240

            These giant Moroccan trilobites are among the most faked, so you have to be careful. The above specimens are real......
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              yes sir those are big ones for sure