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  • Check this out..

    Is it possible this is a starfish.? Found it in eastern ks today on a new property..cant think of anything else that could create that shape?
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    Neat find! Here's a few ideas...

    'true starfish' fossil (Asteroidea)


    "5-pointed star shapes

    Stars are generally five-sided in fossils, and this type of symmetry is common to echinoderms. Several types of fossil echinoderms can be found in Kentucky.

    Top view of a blastoid calyx, often has a star-shape on it. It can look like a starfish on a blastoid.
    A star-shaped hole in the center of a circular fossil is typical of some crinoid columnals.
    True starfish fossils are rare but can be found in limestones.
    Some fossil plants may have narrow leaves around a central stem, causing a star-like shape. There will generally be black (carbon) in gray shale, and from the coal fields."
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      Don, I think Upatree is indicating Kansas, and there is a starfish fossil on this page describing fossils from Kansas that looks like it's from the same formation, based on appearances.....
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        My bad. I think I needed more coffee!

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        No biggie. I've memorized the abbreviation forms of each state. Lol, just kidding. But you remind me, time for some more java....

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      And a nice find!
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        Wow great links...that picture does look like hers. When I was a kid I remember digging sharks teeth out of a big canyon in western ks...this fossil was found in the high tip of a hill in the flint is an amazing place no doubt. I dont know why they call this area the flint hills..walked a half mile of a windy creek today and only saw sand


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          Kool !


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            That's something you don't see every day


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              Pretty awesome fossil
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                  That's a very cool find, but I think what you have there is an Asteriacites. Not a replacement fossil of the starfish itself, but a cast of the star-shaped hole it left behind in the sediment. Thes are what we call "ichnofossils" and represent feeding or resting burows of marine organisms. There appear to be feeding traces of other shapes left by other organisms in the surrounding matrix.
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