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Creek find… plant or marine fossil of some type?

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  • Creek find… plant or marine fossil of some type?

    While creek hunting arrowheads I found this in Platte Co, Mo. anyone know if it is a plant or sea fossil of sort or a specific name? Found similar stone with shell fossils. Thanks!
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    Jackson County, Mo

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    It looks like a fossilized crinoid stem embedded in limestone. Crinoids were sea animals related to modern starfish and other such critters. They were passive filter feeders that fed on plankton about 200 million years ago.


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      Cool fossil...nice find
      SW Connecticut


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        Crinoid stem is a good call. I noticed the longer of the two sections tapers toward one end. For that reason, I’ll throw out another possibility: a straight cephalopod, a squid like creature with a shell that could be straight, or coiled….Not saying we should prefer this take, but the taper seen made me think of a segmented straight cephalopod shell….

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        Rhode Island


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          Thank you all! I appreciate it!
          Jackson County, Mo


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            Some Indians seemed to use them as beads . I find em in one shelter that I dig .


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              I believe the call of it being a Orthoceras Cephalopod is correct.
              SE IA


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                here in indiana and southern ill, we find lots of them. I remember people calling them indian beads