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Plant Fossils In The Neighborhood Of Reno, Nevada

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  • Plant Fossils In The Neighborhood Of Reno, Nevada

    Not too long ago, I uploaded to a new page called Plant Fossils In The Neighborhood Of Reno, Nevada. It's all about visits to two paleobotanically fascinating places in Nevada, in the vicinity of The Biggest Little City In The World, western edge of the Great Basin Desert. The sites yield middle Miocene leaves, seeds, needles, foliage and cones from many species of ancient plants some 15.6 to 13.3 million years old, including giant sequoia, fir, spruce, maple, and birch. Includes a detailed text with photos of fossils and on-site images.

    Here's a fossil plant sampler, from the middle Miocene Chloropagus Formation, not too far from Reno, Nevada:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	reno3a.jpg Views:	0 Size:	177.7 KB ID:	638226
    Chamaecyparis cordillerae (synonym of C. sierrae), the Miocene equivalent of today's Lawson cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsiana, now native to southwestern Oregon and the Klamath Mountains of northwest California at elevations from sea level to 4,900 feet (1,500 m); from the 13 to 14 million year old middle Miocene Chloropagus Formation in the neighborhood of Reno, Nevada, Great Basin Desert.
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