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Eagle talon?

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  • Eagle talon?

    Found this talon while hunting glass balls in Alaska. Does anyone know if it an eagle? Is it legal to have this??

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    It could be but I am not sure if you can own it. Check out this link. It claims it is illegal to possess Eagle feathers , feet or parts . I believe there is a repository you can send it to. I read this long ago. Did not read it again today. 0any,Wildlife%20Service's%20Law%20Enforcement%20Di vision.
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      Thanks, I'll check it out.


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        I have only seen bald Eagle up close and personal in Alaska. Came to fishing boat we were on; wanted a fish. I imagine there are several wildlife agencies there be able answer both Qs as to to what talon belonged and what can/should do with it. And, what the heck are glass balls you hunt in Alaska (or any where else)?

        p.s. never mind re glass balls; see where you explained well in another post “Arrowheads of the Sea”. Thank you, how very wonderful!
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