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  • Caveman gettin his drank on...

    I heard this today on NPR...discoveries in Georgia 🇬🇪 (the country, not the state) date wine vessel and wine making to 8k years ago.
    Very interesting stuff.


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    And I listened to a health radio show that talks about alcoholism and places that have produced for thousands of years. Example this village would have built up a tollearace to alcohol . The people living in this area would be able to drink larger quantities of the substance. It broke it down by demographics to the NA being the least tolerant because they had only been exposed for maybe less then 1000 Years . He was not sure on their date .
    Mostly Eoropeans DNA to the alcohol. This very well could have exploded if open to discussion . My point being the therioes about the migration to North America .I could get started her but will leave it at that .
    Very nice Jethro I enjoyed that .


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      Hmmm Eoropeans ... I know you alll read Tamara
      Europeans .. and it never stops


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