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Helmet from an African Tribe Maasai ?

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  • Helmet from an African Tribe Maasai ?

    Helmet from an African Tribe Maasai ? What do you guys think about it ?

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    I’d like to try it on to see if I become enlightened !


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      It is quite a fragile helmet, do you happen to know something about it. It has the same colors as a Maasai shield but I truly cannot find anything about it on the internet.


      • Lindenmeier-Man
        Lindenmeier-Man commented
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        I don’t have a clue about it , but it’s interesting !

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      I went to Kenya and was honored to see how the Massai and many cultures existed there .
      If you just google Maasai the first thing that comes up is a utube TV special you can watch . Red is their traditional color and you can see very similar head pieces worn in every video. Just go over everysite and you are sure to fine it .
      my phone won’t post sorry I would help .


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        Thank you very much ! Yes I do see that many of their head pieces are similar especially with the nose cover. I am guessing my helmet must be kind of rare after all .


        • 2ndoldman
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          Rare if it is authentic, not so rare if it is a modern copy.