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Stone shaped like bullet found in red sea. (Egypt)

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  • Stone shaped like bullet found in red sea. (Egypt)

    Hello everyone. I was diving in the red sea (egypt) and found that stone. I was wondering if someone can tell me something about it.. or maybe knows what that actually is.. never seen a stone shaped like this before.
    Links from pictures;

    Thanks for answers

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    Well if any of our Red Sea area members could chime in ? Lol...just foolin about. Egypt is really out of my realm. I drove through Cairo, Illinois once years ago and that's about all I have for ya. It does have an interesting shape. The ocean from what I've seen can really shape things in a unique way. That's not an opinion in any way. Lets see what others think. Its not every day that we get a Red Sea find here...nice find by the way...
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      I am looking at the blunt end of your find and wondering if it could be fossilized coral 🤔
      Click image for larger version

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        Or maybe fossilized bullet because of that circles.. im not sure.. i kinda want to break it in half so that i see what’s actually inside but maybe actually is something and broken wouldn’t be interesting anymore 🙈 I hope we get some red sea experts 😁 And thanks for answers!


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          If it's a fossil, maybe a belemnite? That was my first thought, based only on its shape....

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            Red Sea super hot in temp . Going with s coral fossil or maybe a type is sea urchin spike . I have a few modern .
            looks like growth rings .
            That is just a pic off the net of fossil coral from the Red Sea .


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              The more I look st it I am going with sea urchin spine / spike
              I collect those .. don’t laugh they make a great nail file in a pinch but the big ones and I can’t find one look like that .