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Chinese spear points

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  • Chinese spear points

    Went to china for work the first week and a half of August. Found these spear points while in a museum. This was a museum about Chinese writing and these had early writing on them so that's why they were there. No stone artifacts unfortunately. They aged them to around 4-5000 years BP. Thought you all might enjoy.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	2HJhBiE_54Zl0WyfJy-mWJXiDrkRxbrelgwoFIhNotqAGTh4mumMylg0U0Dj0stz7w2wrYqDx-tbThcCoOzUE_-Nvy4Cs2UZ9M42IqkSYEjD4ZnNEORJzOS9aoJaZfh2UKU02KDEALjmE--qEpUbbH2HIMd5QLyBSsvpktnZbnEZ-JN34mfLEiCTQXhzSLEGIZIv5Qh0CtjukHeorGnq1oPNfbhIWZWMrUuCpnGneybqEVcPcjMdSjs3l4hQc1l
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Name:	xKF5Jy_6pW1h6EOSxOQpNviA2KhmYeCp-tFr65SWtS5gKBbLGHABO2N24LHJyHQFsEvzA2LnPD99edEOLZ9xU8l6omKsFOBl--PYmcciq4gVRC2t3kr4aLXVnPlErDDsM3KhWn7vPNkCdmSbnVMRsYF6UyJ0PC-gVYCQWcimgIbk8SFF9cCXRT0HA8v2nigyOT09MzUMIGC6DM3VnoU_rLj7TNlvsIe9BbYSMjydt-dV72rNQdoQgGps8n7sy5E
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    That's awesome! They look like metal Hardin's.
    "The education of a man is never completed until he dies." Robert E. Lee


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      Nice, what city were you in? I ended up spending so much time in Asia that I just moved the family to Hong Kong.


      • georgiafieldwalker
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        Was in Beijing and Anyang. These points were in Anyang. Hope you and your family are safe right now over there.

      • clovisoid
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        We avoid the protests at night, during the day they are more of a traffic issue than anything else. They are quite a bit more active in some of the more Chinese areas and by the universities.

        The airport was a surprise, I was traveling this week but some people on my team couldn’t make it back.

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      Very interesting . Yes I was lucky to be there before all this uproar and actually after .
      I just have such an interest in Asian artifacts . I only have collected Chinese wood drums actually large enough to use as a table with glass on it .
      its all so fascinating isn’t it .