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    Hi all. While going through some of my Artifacts I came across these Tools. My Father and Stepmom visited Central America a number of years back. Dad picked these small flakes while poking around in Belize. They look similar to Johnny's Central Plains Chert. The two large tools he bought at a curio shop also in Belize. I really don't know what to call these blade/ chopper/ Celt/ tools because I have no idea what the central Americans might have been doing with them. I would assume they are similar to our own Natives tools. I also have no idea what culture they came from. Really no of that matters to me because they were a gift from Dad. I just thought you might like to see some tools from Central America. Kim

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    thanks for sharing


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      Cool stuff! I think Belize is probably the most chert/flint rich country out there, and you've got some cool examples there.

      The blue grey piece looks like a classic celt, lowland Mayans used slash & burn agriculture followed by letting the fields go back to jungle for several years. If it's thin and polished then it could be a spade, but most of them are celts used for breaking up undergrowth.

      The other piece is probably a knife of some type. They range from really thick to thin.

      Years ago Mennonite farmers used to sell lots of them to tourists.

      Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida


      • Mattern
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        Thanks Clovi Great Information. Neither one are very thin. But I like em.

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      Thanks Kim...look like the coulda come from Florida.


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        Hey Kim, those blades look useful and large. Interesting history.


        • Mattern
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          Thank you NW!

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        Cool to see kim!
        SW Connecticut


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          Cool post, the right piece is killer.
          🐜 🎤 SW Georgia


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            Thanks for showing, it funny though, a guy from my little town of grenada ms owns a little over half of Belize. Paul carpenter, he has a private air strip there