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    Hearing all this monkey meat talk reminded me of that scene in Temple of Doom where those people were eating Monkey Brains, Beatles ect... As a child I was highly disturbed by that. I saw that movie again a few years back and fast forward through that part and if I ever see it again I'll do the same.
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      I find it interesting what different cultures find acceptable or repulsive when it comes to food. A friend of mine said that he enjoyed eating dog meat when he was living in the philippines. I think if you get hungry enough, your palate changes.

      I was visiting my Ashanika friends one time and they had a pot sitting in an open fire. I walked over and lifted the lid and there were a bunch of fish heads staring back at me. I put the lid back and told them that I had just eaten and was quite full. They had a good laugh about that.
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      I would've done the same thing

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    Yes that is not something you see every day . Great artifact . The meat eater ( Netflix ) actually has a segment on going down into an area and the blow guns . More about fishing but the locals did get a monkey and it shows the preparation.
    He said he found it a bit hard to eat a primate but all in on these shows . Worth watching .


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      That’s an awesome piece and a great story!!
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        Again great