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What are your favorite lithic materials?

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    I don't even know where to start . Hats off to
    flint. These are the most amazing photos .Hoss
    you need to go public with this thread and let the world see these . You could make a hard cover
    book and it would sell like crazy ... just saying
    I personally don't know any collector that would not want this for a coffee table / reference book . This would give any off the books out there a run for the money . Wow .... wow
    I know what I am doing over coffee tomorrow . Thanks to all the real pieces each of you collected .


    • Kyflintguy
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      Well what's your favorite lithic? Get a good pic and share!

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    Josh, flintguy ... I cannot even come close to
    any of these lithic materials on this thread which is my favorite by the way good job !!!But in Southwest Georgia I love the red chert ... it just catches my eye and I pick up every little flake
    or a point if I get lucky .. the blood reds with some yellow .


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      That's some interesting chert Tam, maybe someone can help us with what type of Chert this is. Thanks for sharing!

      Plenty of New members here now, lets see some more interesting lithic materials!
      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_29320 (1)-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	96.3 KB ID:	255560

      Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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        Originally posted by Ron Kelley View Post
        Nephrite Jade from Washington State is one of my favorite lithics.
        Are those beads, Ron??


        • Ron Kelley
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          Hey Jason, I just got back from my road trip. Yes they are very nice ancient beads. They are biconically drilled with the drill holes meeting in the center. I have 40.

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        Flint Ridge Chalcedony and Carter Cave are way up on my list.


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          I have larger tools of Colorado petrified wood that's at the top of my list.