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  • Point progression

    The progression of point from spall to perform to blade. Far right Spall next two perform next rough blade with concrete like material in it and knapper did not carry it any further. Next photo right to left is a perform like scorpion 68 shower that is broke in middle, not as finished as his was. next is the blade with the rough material in it and an almost finished blade which broke because fault. Third photo in one of the spall, hand size or bigger. When rock first taken off boulder.

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    First photo of blade that had problems and was not used.
    Second photo an almost finished blade that broke and was discarded, I found two pieces of it but there is another part missing. Most knappers know these stages of making a point but some may find this informative hopefully. All these pieces were made by ancient knappers.


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      Being a knapper really helps identify some of these artifacts. Like the one i posted yesterday - I just thought it was a broken point or blade of some sort. I didn't even think about preform and definitely did not know the different stages a point or blade goes through to the finished product. Thanks willjo for that bit of information. Looking at my daughter's find, it now makes more sense. Appreciate you sharing this timely information.

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    That's cool. Thanks for sharing.


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      Hey Johnny, Thanks for the explanations. Some interesting artifacts there.
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        Hi Johnny. Thanks for this post. I'm sure it is educational for many of us. Keep up the good work.