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South Dakota rock?

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  • South Dakota rock?

    Anyone point me in a direction from Rapid city, N.D. for some knapping rock

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    Wish I could .... there is some awesome knappers here maybe someone can point u in the right direction


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      I'm a little confused on your question. You want rock from SD? Rapid City is in SD, or are you looking for Knife River Flint from ND? Ron should know some sources. He bas been using some KRF lately.


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        your not going to find a whole lot of knappable lithics in the dakotas

        there is spot in south dakota where you can find some good agate and cherts,but i dont remeber what the area i s called
        the knife river flint from north dakota to the best of my knowledge is all on private land and is an isolated area for the must obtain permission to go collect it and be ready to wear your self out digging for it.the stuff you will find on the surface isnt worth a damn as it is all full of freeze fractures

        if your on FB look up a guy by the name of curtis smith.
        he knows more about the areas i mentioned as he is a rock collecter and seller for the knapping community
        its what he does to earn a living,plus hes a a hell of a knapper


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          SD Hunter; I hit the wrong letter. We are in Rapid City, South Dakota. I know of and have met Curtis. He is a business man and I would be shocked if he drew me a map to find knapping rock. I just thought someone on here may know of an area to go and look for some chert. I knew it was a crap shoot. Thanks for your responses.