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Great News about Jeff Boudreau's "A New England Typology - Expanded Edition"

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  • Great News about Jeff Boudreau's "A New England Typology - Expanded Edition"

    I had heard from a good source that Jeff Boudreau's "A New England Typology - Expanded Edition" was soon to be published. I was just checking out the Massachusetts Arch Society web page and they have it listed saying that they will be available for sale in 6-8 weeks. I've been extremely lucky to have a pre-released copy for a while now and I am absolutely excited for the rest of you New England artifact enthusiasts. They are being sold for $80 and are easily worth double that price. There are over 1,200 full color photos of points, reporduced in their actual size. Also a section on lithics and loads of information. I've learned so much about my personal collection from this typology guide. This book will blow you away!

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    Always good to see new material coming on the market that promotes this passion. If I were a New Englander - I'd buy it. Maybe someone will do the same for the Tennessee area..
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      Yep, I'm just as excited for our fellow collectors as you are, Alan. I just posted a plug for this great news in the "Suggested Reading" section. And I ordered a second copy! Thanks for pointing this out, Alan. For anybody who likes typology guides, 176 pages of life size full color photos cannot be beat....


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        Charlie, thanks for posting this in "Suggested Reading." I wasn't sure where best to post it. I'll probably pick up a second copy, just because! Ha. When I first got my copy, it sat on my nightstand for about 2 months, and every night before going to bed I'd go through it. It really helped put the timeline for NE points together for me.


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          It's funny, I had taken some photos yesterday, and planned to start a thread in "suggested reading" this morn. I'm not surprised you beat me to it because it's an exciting development for sure. JMatt is also saving to get two copies, lol....

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        Hey Alan, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just ordered one and can't wait to tear into it. My copy will be dog eared and stained in a short time. I will have my copy handy as I knap out in the barn.
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          I'm so jealous! Lol
          Josh (Ky/Tn collector)