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Had anyone ran across this material.

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  • Had anyone ran across this material.

    Not sure what material this is. I have what I think I have is a core.also found other pieces.some look worked but could be nature..this material polishes really nice.ranges from dark green to white to black.but this is only core like object I've found and it's dark green.heres some pieces..these were found n WV.i tried to get good pics up,any pointers appreciated.

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      Some of the bigger pieces look like green rhyolite and is found a lot in North Carolina, not sure if it goes up as far as you are. The green piece with the shine looks like a different material could be a form of chert. Some one may come along with a better answer and they may be more familiar with the material.


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        I appreciate it.thanks,ill try looking into some of this lithics u mentioned.they did travel from nc all the way to the kanawha valley area often do see worth looking at... Also like to mention they were all found together, Im leaning towards they are all the same material n like diff forms or stages and even diff deg of polish on me.its super sweet material.its much like a flint but it seems to break diff...i found some bigger pieces and I just broke it w another rock.and it broke a lil diff than normal flint or chert.


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          That glassy look and and air pockets to me make me think it is slag. You can read more about slag in this wiki article.

          More pictures of glassy green slag
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            Thanks for that hoss.ive been looking at those articles and other pics n stuff online and I agree it could be slag,but only issue I have when looking is the slag has the air bubbles all thr from the heat..but o. These it seems they are only on the outside of the rock. The polished one I'm pretty sure is the same material but polished or something maybe just a more glossy slag not sure..wondwrinf if there could be other lithics I may be missing.ive looked at everything local and the slag.i e looked at Jasper n I doubt that's it.obsidian is close W the black version but can't say that's what it is trying tho lol