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Show me a example of Chert

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  • Pullenrock
    You know? that happens to me all the time..sometimes i get confused with chert and flint..Really though i think everyone else is confused.Chert is a lesser grade material then flint although of course there is better grades of chert also The first picture is a crude blade i found in new Mexico..this is a lower grade chert while the second picture is the good ole smooth colorful flint piece i found...It appears yours is a better grade of chert with some flint ot agate in it...Im not sure though just or looks like it could be some lower grade flint....see what i mean? confusing

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  • kyheadhunter
    started a topic Show me a example of Chert

    Show me a example of Chert

    This was found in Christain County in Western KY.
    Don't know if my pic is clear enough for you to tell or not but is this material... Chert?
    Any comments or info will be greatly appreciated.