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Nellie or Upper Mercer Grey?

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  • Nellie or Upper Mercer Grey?

    Thought this was Nellie due to the parallel lines and color, but read that Nellie is very dull, flat looking. This is not really shiny, but has a nice smooth finish. I have some Upper Mercer Grey, and it has a similar finish, but not the consistent parallel lines.

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    I would say with some confidence that is a strain of Nether's Flint, it is a Flintridge strain and received the Nethers name because that is the name of the guy that owned the farm that this outcropping is found. It will range in color from the gray and cream to pink or red and cream, and produces the very striped pattern that you have on that dandy. Many don't realize the range in color that Flint Ridge material produces, it is honestly I believe the most beautiful lithic material in the entire nation. Just my opinion, I am Bill by the way, and have been stomping fields in the northeast Buckeye state since I was 6. Hope that helps a little, awesome artifact as well.


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      Thanks, I'll check out Nethers Flint. I have several Flintridge objects, and am getting to know the incredible variations in color and pattern!


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        There are more variations of color in Flintridge than there are socks missing mates. I have been picking up variations of it 54 years and have seen purple, blue, caramel about any color. Then just a few years ago I seen an artifact that had green in it!! There seems to be no end to it, although the pinkish red to white is the predominant. You are blessed to live in a prime area, you will see a lot of it, and you will also be amazed a the variations in Mercer and Coshocton flints as well. Ohio is blessed with Premo lithic material. Good luck this spring and is you ever need any help with Ohio stuff I would be glad to give my assistance. I don't claim to be an expert, or know it all, but I sure love this hobby. If you are in central Ohio you are in the heart of Indian culture in Ohio.