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Is this jade?

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  • Is this jade?

    Hi, my mother found this in her garden it's very beautiful jade came to mind .Found in Portland Oregon .

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    I am no expert on jade but that looks like some moss agate I have, it most likely is something else
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      I would say it looks like moss agate like willjo said, but the color is off.
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        Does it feel greasy to the touch. Can you scratch it with your fingernail? Green talc or soapstone is found in Oregon. You would not be able to scratch it if it were jade
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          It does not scratch with a steel pin .It's kinda bright green in the light. There is one side thats flat and has what looks like saw or file lines. So it could be far from it's native origin..


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            That broken face splits like jade does, that is to say not cleanly like obsidian, chert, or agate might.

            Could we see the other side? It sounds like it has saw lines in it, so a modern rock hound probably cut it. (Your piece could just be the rind they cut off to get a smooth surface they could polish.) California and Wyoming have lots of jade, and then the biggest source in the world is in British Columbia.

            Has your mom found any other decorative rocks in the garden?

            If you google Jade Cabbing Rough you'll see lots of slices and slivers of green material. Some of it is jade, but there can be a lot of other types of rocks that are almost as hard and green.

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              I have a considerable amount of Nephrite Jade from the state of Washington. None of my jade looks like this piece. I have some Bowenite that looks exactly like this piece.
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                Not sure it's jade but I think it might be an artifact.

                Is that edge-work?