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What is the name of this material?

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  • What is the name of this material?

    I found the original piece in a creek west of Fayetteville, AR. I sent it off to a friend to see if he could get me a point out if it. Apparently it didn't flake and fracture quite the way he wanted, so the one point was all he could get.

    I have never seen this material in any of the other creeks/rivers in this area. The colors go from red to orange to blue. Any ideas on what this could be? As soon as I found the big chunk I knew it had some potential to look good.

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    Not sure but I will give a guess. Flintridge or Horse creek chert.


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      Love that material, sorry I can't help but ... it's so cool looking.


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        Nice looking material . I cannot help with it.
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          I saw on the projectile points they have started doing lithics from different states not completely done with it yet but interesting


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            Thanks everyone. Now I feel kind of bad though. Because if it really is Flint ridge that means it way brought in from WAY far and it was maybe somewhat of an artifact in itself. Granted, it was probably just a waste flake, but still...

            I also got an opinion that it reminded someone of Jasper from Arizona or NM. But I had my doubts.

            Ohio area makes more sense. Traveling down the Mississippi river rather than across the desert and back up the Ozark hills.