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  • Jasper?

    Could this point be jasper? I've never seen jasper this brown. Whatya think? thanks! Click image for larger version

Name:	Normanskill front 50.jpg
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Name:	ventral.jpg
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    I think it is Jasper.Jasper can be yellow, tan, brown some is red but I think heat has caused that. So I am used to seeing eatern Jasper. Veracruz from PA and there is an outcrop in RI too. I think one of the members had some black jasper from RI. In my opinion Its not always lusterous. I have some artifacts made of jasper that almost looks like that. I cannot share a pic right now because I have been packing. We are going to move . Jasper is never transluscent. Well it sometimes it will have inclusions that are transparent but the jasper itself is never transparent. That is a nice blade . How big is it?
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      Three inch blade (3.0) ; found in 1950's in southern Ontario; I have it typed as a Normanskill because of its broad side notches. I guess it could have 'traveled' to southern Ontario - not that far.
      Cayuga County, NY Finger Lakes Region


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        Looks like a knife to me. 😊🔪
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          Thanks for asking Creamer. It appears to be a type of Jasper but I don't know if it is from Pa. However we do have what is called Chocolate Jasper. Here is something very close to yours. Kim

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            After a little research: this blade was found in 1950's at Little Sand Point, on Constance Bay, which is a part of the Ottawa River, just west of Ottawa.
            Cayuga County, NY Finger Lakes Region