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  • Novaculite

    I have posted several points that I have knapped from a peach colored Novaculite, I have one point that was found years ago made from a similar color. You can see the small white fingernail hinges on these authentic points. This a common characteristic of Novaculite especially in non heated stone. Some Novaculite is almost unknappable in the raw state. And their is a black type that will not heat treat but I have seen a group of dalton points that was made from this unheated stone and the fingernail hinging was very evident throughout the points. Click image for larger version

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    Beautiful points Levi. K
    Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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      Thats a nice colorful handful Levi!


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        The Baskin Robbin’s of novaculite, a flavor for everybody. The peach still steals the show. The gray is what makes it here mostly but somewhere I do have a few white ones.


        • headhunter777
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          Hit the nail on the head with the baskin robbins comment there sir. Very well spoken JEBMs!

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        Beautiful material makes beautiful points!
        South Carolina


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          The colors remind me of the salt water taffy we used to get on the Oregon coast. Nice chipping Levi. 😊
          South Carolina