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Got some better pics of clear rocks

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  • Got some better pics of clear rocks

    Posted pics of clear arrowheads and here are some better pics of the material they were made from. Dont know what kind of rock this is called but we dont have any in north Louisiana, that I know of. Hope these are better pics.

    Click image for larger version

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    Looks like quartz or quartzite, Brenden. The clear  bird point looks like crystal quartz. Welcome to the group! :welcome:


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      Looks Like quartz to me also. Don't think they are arrowheads though. Looks more like flakes or debage. Lots of quartz around here and you see lots and lots of plow busted pieces and flakes/debage that look like similar.


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        I'm not sure I see points either.  I can't see the edges very clearly,  and I know quartz points
        seem to wear pretty easily, so I can't say for sure.  I just couldn't say they were for sure.   
        South Dakota


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          Yeah those are not points but flaking or failed attempts. I posted those because they are the same rocks as some of the complete points we find. Thanks for the information everyone.