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Anyone know these?

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  • Anyone know these?

    Couple of points I have had for a while. Found them in my normal cave where me and my brother have found well over a hundred points and several hundred brokes. Never found any made of either one of these materials or found any flakes of these material types. Would love to know the material and wouldn't mind knowing the types. Found in northern Arkansas. Thanks all.

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    Can't help with type or material,but those are nice! Love the fossils on he red one.


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      Can't help with the material either. I like it though!
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        The lighter colored one is Hopewell, made of heated Keokuk Chert. The other is a Petit Jean River point. I'm not sure of the material on it, but could be a Pierson.


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          Thank you. I've been very curios about these. A while back though I posted a calf creek that you said was pierson and I find that kind of material all the time and this red point is nothing like it. I don't know though. Thanks again you guys.