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Let’s talk about “Bird Points”. True arrowheads

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  • Let’s talk about “Bird Points”. True arrowheads

    Here is a collection of very small points found in the Rock Island county Illinois area along the Mississippi River, in the 1930’s. Some came from across the river in Missouri and Iowa. I like to get these out and study them, and marvel at the workmanship and perfect shape of some of them. Some look like miniature versions of large spearheads. There are 51 points on this card.

    I would like to see some of your “bird points”. Click image for larger version

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    Really like that old intact wire mount frame👍 Years ago You’d occasionally see a few frames like that behind an old small town Bar’ or Diner’ off the beaten path.


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      On the second row first point is what true Arrow points look like and You have a few more on there. small points don't always mean arrow points because some of them were before the bow and arrow was used in our country


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        Nice to look at... cool


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          Here’s a few of mine. The biggest one might be an inch long...


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            Nice! A couple are similar to ones on my board.