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Class Trip to Weedon Island Preserve Cultural Center

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  • Class Trip to Weedon Island Preserve Cultural Center

    "Weedon/Weeden" Island is pottery, culture, region, time period of parts of Florida and into S. GA/AL somewhat... Pottery is diagnostic...

    I went to a short lecture and demonstration of "Middens and Mounds" at the Weedon Island type site/County Park in Pinellas Co, FL
    Not all that much in the museum, mostly nice reproductions. One special exhibit is an almost 40 foot canoe found locally. Took pics, hope they come out OK.
    Back in the Day, before even MY day, people dug out there at Weedon Island wherever and whenever. 30 foot high mounds, middens, burial mounds, huge complex that the Weedon Island Culture was named after. Dr. Weedon... the plunderer. Now a lot of the best spots are owned by a power company that doesn't allow research holy cow how stupid. The do "protect" the areas they own. The rest of the site has been preserved and is a big park. Still no access to the big mound..... unless you do..

    I couldn't upload all or even some of my pics, too high resolution etc and just made a folder in Photobucket. They didn't come out in the order that I labelled them...
    But all there is you care to look. I'd rather walk a midden for 15 minutes.. Real interesting was a reproduction net with Ponderous Ark (Arcus) shells as net weights at the bottom. There are thousands at coastal sites.

    Professor Shellman

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    Tom - That's quite a photo inventory ya got there. I really like the pottery. Even though I know a lot of it is reproduction I still like to see the patterns they used. I also remember the news story on that long canoe. That has got to be an awesome project of rebuilding that. Thanks for the post. Interesting stuff.
    Pickett/Fentress County, Tn - Any day on this side of the grass is a good day. -Chuck-


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      Thanks for taking us along and sharing that pottery!


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        Thank u for the show !!!
        As for me and my house , we will serve the lord

        Everett Williams ,
        NW Arkansas