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  • Native American Cuisine

    Saw this topic pop up in the news yesterday and wished I lived close enough to sample some of these restaurants. Looks like Native American cuisine has piqued the interests of more than one chef. Y'all out West may find one in your area.
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    Deb - interesting post. Some of that NA cuisine looked really good and almost all natural.


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      Yeah right on Deb, I have several sites that I go to for different recipes. Fry bread, bannock bread and several other dishes that are very good. Many use beans, squash, corn etc...many years back when we took our yearly canoe/camping trip to the boundary waters canoe area we would purchase 10 lbs of pemmican from a local tribe. It was pretty darn good at that and very handy along the trail for a quick snack plus it kept just fine. Ya know I think I am gonna make some fry bread later on...
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        Nice link Deb , Now that’s how I like to eat just simple and clean . I was no kidding thinking of you last night . I made this Swiss steak with deer I thought I might post .