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  • Tocobaga.

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ID:	450606 So , I thought I thought I’d do something a little different today, and I went over to Philllipi park and see how my little diggers are doing...well, digger no. 1was busy and had a few shells to show me , but no artifacts....No. 2 is on a non productive site, Gonna have to remind her to move since since she’s not finding anything , no. 3, well he’s only two years old and doesn’t even know how to dig a round hole yet..Florida loves Gopher tortoises, so much they allow em to dig in a national historic site, pics. 4-5....moving on, I came to the main plaza, pic.6... Next, I got distracted by this great example of our live oaks,pic 7-8, the limbs grow out and become so heavy they touch the ground, grow roots and grow upwards to form another tree, it’s the personification of persistence (definition of point hunter, ) moving on ...Oops, I don’t have room for the history of the site part....Oh well, in another post then..

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    Beautiful tree
    My name is Gary. I live in NE South Dakota


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      Nice pics Hal


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        I think I need to import a few Gopher Tortoise they do a nice clean dig .


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          Love the color of the sand; brings back memories.
          🐜 🎤 Columbus, Georgia