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Horseshoe mound, Portsmouth Ohio

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  • Horseshoe mound, Portsmouth Ohio

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    Today I visited Horseshoe Mound in Portsmouth Ohio, one of the last remaining mounds in the Portsmouth Earthworks system. Due to good ol' progress, the rest of the mounds were bulldozed. BULLDOZED of all things! However I can at least be thankful that this one is still up.

    I came by in the afternoon, which was a mistake. A morning or evening shot would show the shape much better. However, while I was there, I was impressed by the sheer size of the mound. It must have taken forever to build it. Next on my list is either the Chilicothe mounds, or Serpent mound.

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    The oak is almost 170 years old.

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    Looks like someone dug out the center... That’s a big un all right.nice pics.


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      Serpent mound would be cool to like to visit cahokia....only mounds ive been too is etowah in georgia.....let me know if u make it to serpent mound...thanks for sharing kp
      Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee


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        I just need a licence. I've been in a battle with the DMV over scheduling and poor service.

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        Awww......who needs a license can resort back to the ancient ways and traverse via foot to the destination....and if ya get tired, there always the universal sign language of 👍.....although thats a risk these days....hope yoy can get that all worked out man

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        I went to Etowah, in 67, I was impressed at how large and how close to the river, I was thinkin how much stuff is at the bottom, Lol., I wouldn’t wanna dive that place.,,I would love to see the serpent.

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      Cool site. I’ve done Serpent Mound and the Mound City group which includes Seip Mound and earthworks. All will blow your mind. The Mound City group visitor center is unfortunately closed. The visitor center is normally staffed by NPS rangers who are very knowledgeable and the museum is a must see. They offer free maps to other earthworks and sites you can visit in the area. Don’t pass up a visit.
      Uncle Trav- Southwest Michigan


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        Here’s how the earthworks appeared in 1847 when visited and surveyed by Squire & Davis.
        Uncle Trav- Southwest Michigan