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    Several years ago I was asked to construct this medicine wheel on one of my clients” properties. I have worked for her and her late husband for almost 15 years on a weekly basis. When her husband died a few years back she had him cremated and I was honored to be the one to set him in the ground with only her and her daughter present. To say our relationship goes beyond client and business owner is an understatement.

    While working on the medicine wheel, she explained to me that simply working on one was a healing experience. There are many different aspects to consider when entering or working on a structure like this. One being that a person should always enter and then move clockwise while in the wheel, as the sun rises, moves and sets in a clockwise motion. The symbolism in the rules involving a medicine wheel can be slightly different for each of us, but the reasons are undeniable.

    The concept of the wheel is meant to remind us to live in balance with ourselves and the planet as well as those around us by being fully cognizant of our emotional, spiritual, mental and physical condition.

    While tending to this area today, and sitting on the cedar bench she also had me build for the area, I was reminded of the importance of these teachings, and how important it is for all if us in these strange and stressful times.
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    Very cool, thanks for showing
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      SW Connecticut


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        This is wonderful post!…..Thank you!

        Is that a big quartz?
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        Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


        • LithicsHunter
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          I will say this much. When she was comfortable enough to reveal who and what she was to me (after 10 years) she did it in a way Im still scratching my head over.

          She gave me a box of books, maybe 20 included. I read one. And not immediately, either. Not only did she know when I’d read it, she knew which one, and that I had questions.

          Then the real learning began. The things she told me….

          Much later it was her idea and initiative that spurned the medicine wheel. And I think it was for me.

        • Rio Del Norte
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          You are a lucky man to have a spiritual guide in your life. "Cherish her wisdom grasshopper...."
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        • Cecilia
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          My daughter knows crystals and the spiritual properties of each. Like Rio, she honored Mother Earth with an altar and trappings (but hers in what I called her “she-shed”!)
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        fortuitous to have sage teacher medicine woman as a friend, if I may be so bold to say, also we maintain medicine wheel for many years, the latest is hopefully defined enough to be able to see it clearly when googley maps updates their satellite image , the comments from you folks affirms to me what a great group this is and we're not alone in this journey
        2ET703 South Central Texas


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          Why that's a wonderful insight. It's nice that you were in your client's circle a nd you could contribute positive to her losses.
          Way to go.


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            Different beliefs ain't always wrong, just misunderstood . Nice work you have done.
            SE IA