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Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

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  • Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

    wishing peace and prosperity to you good people , thank you for allowing me in your group
    photo shows great grandfather and great grandmother, we are Chickasaw
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    2ET703 South Central Texas

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    Hey. That's a cool pic to have! Happy Indigenous Peoples Day to you too!
    SW Connecticut


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      Good Looking couple..looks like you come from good stock ...Do you have any artifact heirlooms from that time period.


      • Cecilia
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        Focused Hal…

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      Yay! I’m so glad you did this LS! I don’t wanna just be cheerleader here, and glad you picked up pompoms this year. I asked members last year how much NA blood ran thru veins. KP truly Heinz 57, when I could just speculate. Family legend always made me 1/8th Cherokee, and sho’ nuff, recent DNA test said 13% (duh… that’s about 1/8th, right…). Means my paternal great grandparents full-bloodied.

      Your ancestors very, very handsome! Bet you not bad lookin’…… opps, digressed… I think they so pretty that probably really Cherokee, but that’d make us cousins…

      (Golly, I’m starting talk like Hal, when original goal was decent Pain imitation…)
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      Digging in GA, ‘bout a mile from the Savannah River


      • Hal Gorges
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        🤔Hmmm, sorry, not enoug for reparation 💵...Probably don’t got no photos or heirlooms either, boy o boy o girl, you sure in sorry shape for the shape you in 😕...That’s ok Sis, I ain’t got no money or heirloom thingies either😕

      • CMD
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        Cecilia, one of the odd things about autosomal DNA is that the % will vary from sibling to sibling. For example, my autosomal DNA may show 75% Irish, and my sisters, same mom and dad, might show a higher or lower % of Irish. Everybody’s autosomal DNA, even among siblings of same parents, will vary.