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    Achievable- just need to make the time to go find them:
    A nice paleo crescent from out West.
    A piece of a Folsom.
    A San Patrice point.
    A coral point in Florida.

    Probably not achievable-
    A complete Folsom.
    A complete Scotty.
    A complete Birdstone. (I've found a couple of broken ones.)
    Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida


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      grooved axe
      crystal Dalton

      I could go on and on ....
      South Carolina


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        You know, after reading yalls bucket list and thinking back on the things i have found over my life it gives me a good feeling to know how fortunate i have been and so Thankful for what i f do have because i have pretty much found everything on yalls list with the exception of a fluted Clovis which most will never find. My grooved axes, plummet, many Daltons, San Patrices, 3 amazing Scottsbluffs, Celts, bannerstone,…….all these things i sometimes take for granite and dont look at and appreciate like i should im seeing now, bc i know you guys are just like me and have put in the many hours, miles, money, blood, sweat, tears, aches and pains, and so much more in search of the items yall mention. Many times let down and with empty pockets and disappointment!!!! Yet we still love what we do so much we still get our butts up no matter how cold how hot how far, and get our feet bank on the banks and our eyes to the ground and continue searching!! Wow! How grateful are we guys, to get to find the stuff we have even the ole scary Garys, shabbers, common field grades, and broken ones we still examine and wonder what it was like once, or how it was broken, or used, repurposed or whatever. And yes, im a day late on this “Thanksgiving type moment and realization after reading the post, but im glad i did! Even the empty pocket times i am grateful for because i could be not even able to go or be someone who has never found anything or have a place to go!
        With all that being said, just keep on doing what u love and good things will come to those who deserve them i honestly believe and eventually you may be making a new bucket list. But my motto is this, you can not or will not ever find one sitting on the couch. Get those boots on the ground and lets keep moving forward so we can do what we love and share are be happy for each other and our finds. Im not the greedy or jealous type of hunter, as long as i get to see whats been found then im happy for that person and just glad i was able to see it and all. But my alarm is fixing to off and even though its miserable cold out and i may be getting a little wet soon, im fixing to get to do what i love and love and spend the whole day flipping rocks in search of “that one”! But with much more gratitude after this morning. So thanks to all of you and for sharing everything you have. Hopefully ill be getting to share some things tonight after this trip. Wish me luck! Later guys!