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    The city of Mexico-Tenochtitlan falls into the hands of the Spaniards after seventy-five days of siege, the last Tlatoani, Cuauhtémoc "Eagle that falls" is captured in the Tlatelolco lagoon, by the Spanish captain García Holguín. They took him before Cortes and Cuahutemoc told him "Mr. Malinche, I have already done what I am obliged to do in defense of my city and its vassals, and I can do no more; and since I have come by force and imprisoned before your person and power, take that dagger you have on the belt and kill me later with it." asking him to kill him as a sacrifice as prisoners of war died, the chapel of "Tequipeuhcan" "Place where slavery began" was erected in the place
    "Broken darts lie on the roads,
    The hairs are scattered
    Roofless are the houses,
    Reddened have their walls.
    Worms swarm through streets and squares,
    And brains are splattered on the walls.
    Red are the waters, they are as if dyed..."
    They (foreigners) taught fear,
    They came to wither the flowers.
    For their flower to live
    They withered and sucked our flowers...
    In atl, in tepetl...

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    Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area


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      So sad my friend. K
      Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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        Many stories of those Spanish from Fl to the west coast .
        looking for riches and taking out all for gold .


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          All with the permission of the , well you know.
          SE IA