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  • Navel amulet

    I recently inherited my great great grandmothers navel amulet and thought I would post it on here. If anyone has any knowledge or input please feel free to share!
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    very interesting


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      from Google:
      Several Native American nations observed the tradition of navel amulets for infants. Part of a newborn's umbilical cord was sewn into the amulet, which acted as a prayer for long life, as a child's first toy, and as a protective charm throughout life. The amulet was made by a mother or aunt, prior to a baby's birth.

      It has the shape of a large butterfly pupa - could it be a symbol of a protection during transition as well?
      Neat item!

      If the women don\'t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.


      • Cecilia
        Cecilia commented
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        This is incredible info. I was so ignorant immediately thought of navel ornamental piercing…..

      • kerrpow94
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        Thank you! The majority of information I've found via Google navel amulets are a turtle or lizard style and haven't seen anything about a butterfly pupa, I will check it out! Very cool and thanks again!!

      • Mailman
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        I thought the same thing Cecilia, lol.