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Wooden "Birdman" Figurine

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  • Wooden "Birdman" Figurine

    Hello all. I've found a lot of great info from your posts regarding past finds and this is my first post.

    First, I'm being forced to post this by my wife! We recently purchased some old growth wooded land not far from the Ohio River and a stone's throw from Serpentine Mound in southern Ohio. My son while exploring, recently came across a stacked stone structure that had a large tree growing through the center of it.

    The tree, long dead, had a hole in it about chest high. Inside was an old wood carved figure wrapped in what seemed like deer or cattle skin to my son but he said it turned to dust when he picked it up and unwrapped it. Long story short, my wife is convinced this is some sort of ancient NA artifact. It is dyed or painted in spots and has what I think is a signature scrawled on the base, which again my wife thinks is ancient script of some sort haha!

    I believe it is an old stick that someone carved and signed a long time ago but would love to hear your thoughts and get the wife off my back about contacting a museum

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    Reminds me of folk art personally. Perishable artifacts are extremely rare and usually only survive in certain special conditions that act to preserve the fragile materials. Not saying your item isn't Native American but the probability is extremely low in an open air enviroment... The wrap could have acted to somewhat preserve the item but what appears to be a signature really makes me lean towards a more modern item. Just my two cents. Im waiting to hear what other knowledgeable members have to say as well. Thanks for sharing this mystery item.
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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      Shoop -I'm no expert on those kind of things but I kinda lean toward what Josh said. But - lets wait and see what more experienced members say. Whatever, I like it and I wouldn't hesitate to check with a museum or local expert for their opinions.
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        Thanks for sharing this. Your. story is quite unique.
        I have rotated your pictures and tried to reduce the glare.
        Click image for larger version  Name:	image_27387.jpg Views:	1 Size:	35.1 KB ID:	249035

        Click image for larger version  Name:	image_27388.jpg Views:	1 Size:	52.6 KB ID:	249036

        I hope that this helps by giving someone a better chance of helping you out.
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          Those pics help out alot Bruce.

          I think its safe to say this is not Native American. The stand with the signature appears cut with a modern saw. The "signature" appears to be foreign to me and probably some type of ink. The delicate nature of the piece also leads me to think it couldn't be extremely old and have lasted inside a dead tree trunk for to long. And maybe its the lighting but Im picking up a glimmer were the body connects to the base that looks alot like glue?

          Are you sure this place isn't a geo-cache location? People often leave weird objects at geo cache points. Sometimes just stuff out of there pocket or whatever they have to offer. Another thought is maybe some kind of religious item left by someone to mark a special or significant location. There's alot of crazy ways stuff gets left in odd spots. I know as a child I left random stuff just about everywhere I went...
          Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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            What keeps that head attached? It almost looks to fragile, without a wire or something to give it strength. This looks fairly modern to me. The writing on it kind of gives me the creeps.


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              That is strange for sure.
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                Your thought on a geo cache are right on Josh.. About a few years back I was mushroom hunting in the fall and as I was checking around a massive fallen ancient oak I spotted a small leather pouch hidden in the root ball. I opened it and there was a sort of jeweled pendant, and a notebook with names and dates. I knew what it was and just left it. The find by Shoop seems very similar to what I found. Cool little carving a creepy way.
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                  Ive happened upon a couple of geo caches in weird places and found some weird items located inside too. But your right there was a notebook to sign both times I found them. Would be a good idea to recheck the spot and see if there are anymore clues to as why that item was left.

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                I would agree 100% with the rest on that. I also think the wood was shellacked, you couldn't write on it, like on the base with ink, the ink would just be absorbed and blurry. It looks like a snaggy, twisted piece of root. It looks alien, with typical symbols to represent a name or place. It meant something to somebody, or something, but not ancient. I'd be curious enough to remove the stacked stones, to see if anything is buried there.
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                  My first thought when I looked at this was a PC game my my kids played twenty years ago. It was called The Neverhood. Here is a screen shot of the main character of the Neverhood. It was all done in Claymation. STate f the art back the the 90's for PC gaming. LOL
                  Click image for larger version  Name:	wy1.png Views:	1 Size:	241.4 KB ID:	249097

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                    Some ancient alien researchers believe...