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Woodland Stamped Shard?

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    Most likely Mississippian, that red is dead give away....beautiful pieces!!


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      Didn’t know , thanks Jethro


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        The red we see around here is the very essence of Mississippian pottery. They named it after the site where they supposed it originated from, or at least radiated from, it's called Old Town Red. The site is about 20~miles south of Helena on the end of a huge oxbow lake called old town lake. The Mississippi River levee cuts through the site and so does a highway now. It was the precursor to the Polychrome of the more modern Quapaw, and the Nodena red &white. I have a Modena red and white long narrow neck bottle that you could effectively bludgeon a person to death with without fear of damaging the bottle. I have a polychrome long narrow neck that is a frail as a sickly kitten. Although The first (Nodena)is a little bit older, the conditional difference is in the soil they are found in.

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      Very nice . Georgia has the red clay all over . I have and old chimney that has all old red bricks over 100 years old .
      each one is stamped . Put it under all things collectable last Nov trying to get the guys to take it down and make anything from a giant backyard barbecue to gate .
      sorry this flipped from woodland but it’s pottery/ Brick that was made from local clay .