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Couple pieces I found yesterday (5-12-19) in Ga

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  • Couple pieces I found yesterday (5-12-19) in Ga

    I'm pretty clueless about pottery. Need to really try to learn all the styles. I've focused solely on trying to master point ID but have a bucket full of pottery that I know nothing about. One of the sherds was a bottom piece I think with the small nipple.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	A8bot40SrT4Oke2-6DE4cuzh6TYDQv6MTMCPqXiEz3USSkz7lguWukJgwd8rXZhmUOXnae3D3XUiIdkJH0G89oeGIMUU6byteV5e7-x8AoshwfZI-oT-2Ag89H7kaUF6YITnB-vxCcXbzNEpD0uQzOmwQHpSjeDE3PrfDhHV6FZXozSRR1A5wrawMoqOw_X7tc5cLAyCs4Sj_Usk6FvvrtN3sV2C2IZbPgARgsXQU7Ld34lJrhXNon6XRmm-AYq
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Size:	85.7 KB
ID:	366784 Click image for larger version

Name:	nbOwy-J0o5YFg8IwAOy3vwtgcTAJjMM8jFi6KW_6uftzdgSNmgphD_7b1TtMBssQpyLp1A2AS7vmM-i85kg61d4lVsxA6IKyI4pkX-AqJGf4FEbR_g7i6xYyvKzP5j3EhRvhzbSNOCaWd5Ct4ML8GY4Ck_v3YPf1WLxh7CVcvBHpXZhFoeMqPQxgCy81Z-Kd_T6kmR6DtYg86H2KhgpwU5eNJvf3xXtZMoyGd73TcARQHPW4Bqg5EAc0vV30rVs
Views:	44
Size:	30.3 KB
ID:	366785

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    You can spend a lifetime trying to learn all the styles. They are as diverse and numerous as the people who made them. You are definitely on some good ground!👍


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      Nice designs on your pottery, I would like it but my like button does not seem to be working.
      South East Ga. Twin City


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        Willjo comments are much more valuable than likes!

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      I like!
      Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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        Check stamped and cord marked


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        As far as can tell from reading, pottery was not produced by the people in my area of northern California.

        Basketry was preferred for vessels and they made amazing things.

        Sadly, baskets can't survive to be hunted.

        I doubt I'll ever find pottery which is sad because it's so interesting and cool in the way it gives expression to NA art and design.

        Those little pottery shards are likely from ordinary household objects but they reveal a person's imagination too.

        Or are the textures and markings functional in some utilitarian way?

        Any idea of the age of these kinds of objects?


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          Late woodland is rite around 1000 bp

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        I am south of you in Stewart county . I see a nice waffle stamp upper left . If you go to our peachtree archeology site they have great info on the pottery in Georgia . I have boxes myself but only take the unusual pieces . You defiantly have some paddle stamp there so look for interesting tools in the area from making the wood stamps . Swiftcreek is my area and you can google that they did venture North . Show me ask me I will look up for you .


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          Also if you like go to the pottery thread and look up one of my larger sherds a good portion of a pot for an example . Willjo sent me a great book I can reference designs . Leaving Fri night to look for more . In Hawaii now


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            Interesting variety
            My name is Gary. I live in NE South Dakota