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My favorite piece of pottery that I've found.

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  • My favorite piece of pottery that I've found.

    Yesterday's post by CMD under typology of the northeast titled cape stemmed was very informative. In it he referenced a bulletin of the Massachusetts archaeological society. In the bulletin they mention pottery marked with scallop shells. This is a piece of pottery I found years ago while snorkeling in front of one of my best spots. I was always pretty sure it was marked with scallop shells but this was the first time I read something mentioning this practice.

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    Hey Kaz, That is a beautiful potsherd. That must have been a huge pot. Thanks for showing it.
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      Sweet rimsherd...the lines on the rim edge are cool..and if that is scallop shell work on the body. . wow cool


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        Fingernail impressions? I bet they had some long nails back then. It’s a nice piece I’d have it in a frame just like artwork


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          That’s a really nice piece. Could be fingernail, could be scallop edge...hard to tell for sure, but I’ve seen lots of fingernail and that would be a fairly large finger-maybe a thumb nail.


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            Really interesting pot sherd . I love how they did the rim also with the design . Nail or shell it’s a beauty .


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              Well it's been a few years since I've been to the spot where I found this piece of pottery so I figured I should go back and have a look around. Easier said than done as I used to take a canoe to get there. This time I took a boogie board and my mask and fins. I had to swim across part of the bay then snorkel a few hundred yards of shoreline to get there. I searched the exact spot where I found it hoping to find another piece as I have found two other small pieces of what is probably the same pot at other times in the past. No luck this time. I picked up a small scallop shell from the shore to show an example of what they possibly used to decorate the pot.


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                That's exactly what I was thinking as it looks like it was pressed into the clay and then drug to the next impression spot and then drug again.

                Very cool. My only pottery pieces are completely un-decorated. (Texas)