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  • First bead!

    Finally found a bead and it's a real beauty. I'm not sure on the material it's hard like rock but has a crack running all the way through it I'm guessing from ice freezing in it. Found it yesterday in the same camp I found the two points last weekend. What are all your thoughts on it πŸ€”.
    Click image for larger version

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    West central Montana. God bless and happy hunting!

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    Hey. That is well .made bead.πŸ‘πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.made peace thumbs up on that one


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      Looks like porcelain, if so.
      it’s not a ancient artifact.
      Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area


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        It's always great to find a bead. However something looks wrong with it. The hole doesn't show the normal Lans and Grooves typical of Native made beads. Just my thoughts. I don't want to burst your bubble, but I would certainly have it checked by someone in the know as Pictures don't always reveal the truth. K
        Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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          Thanks guys, it's always so hard to get pictures to show all the details. It's definitely not porcelain or ceramic, feels more like polished bone or possible rock. The inside is the same consistency as the outside not coarse or porous with cracks that run the length and all the way through. It shows some drill marks of sorts going down through on the walls and it's not a perfect straight hole going through, one side curves off from where it meets the other side making it seem like it was drilled from both sides. I will add a couple more pictures, things hard to photograph. Don't worry about hurting my feelings, lol, if it's not ancient it's not. If I found it in a park I would think someone's hemp necklace had broke, but since I found it in the middle of nowhere at a camp I figured must be.
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          West central Montana. God bless and happy hunting!


          • Midwestener
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            Bone was my initial thought too, but I'm far from an expert. I'd call it ligit just by where you found it

          • Mattern
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            I do see the hole has all the indications of stone drilling. I now believe you did find a Native made bead! Congratulations, and hope you find a few more, that would be too cool. You know what to look for now, so keep your eyes pealed for that white color, if there's one there must be more. K

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          Have it checked. Im my no means a professional, But it does remind me of some ivory stuff Ive seen with the checking and cracking. JMRNO


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            Is that the center of a welk shell?
            2ET703 South Central Texas


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              That's an interesting bead. If it were ivory, you should be able to see a criss crossing grain pattern on the end under magnification. If it were bone or ivory, I also wouldn't expect it to be so white, but yellow or light tan. Also bone usually has visible blood vessel voids that I don't see. I think the shell idea may be correct, and it certainly appears to be hand made.


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                The last picture in the first post, and the first picture in your second post show a neat indent from wear.

                I vote bone. The outer layer of bone in some large animals is dense enough to hold a polish. That polish, and potentially exposure over the years of use to natural oils is a pretty decent preservative.
                Hong Kong, but from Indiana/Florida


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                  That would be nice worn on a gold chain!
                  South Dakota


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                    Going with bone or ivory in a trade .. I see lots of the small lines I have in some of mine .
                    always worth getting it checked out .


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                      Thanks everyone I appreciate your comments. I'm stoked to have found my first bead, I had a old timer take a look at it and he also thinks bone or possibly walrus ivory traded from the coast, although he thinks ivory would be a little more yellowed, but maybe not because of how polished it is. Where would a fellow take it to have the material verified or is there a place I could send it too? I was also wondering if I should put some kind of a clear coating on it to keep it from cracking in half in the future. I'm thinking about making a necklace with elk ivory and cougar claws with it as the center piece but it would be a crying shame if it broke in half.
                      West central Montana. God bless and happy hunting!