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Coastal Plain ?Chert inclusion

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  • Coastal Plain ?Chert inclusion

    A coastal plain chert crystal pocket that was found in a Native American campsite where the broke this piece out. They were working around inclusions like this to get good pieces of chert to knap. I always like to find these because they remind me of Geodes. The first piece shows the outer layer of chert.

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    Sure looks like a geode, cool find.
    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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      Kind of reminds me of "This your brain and this is your brain on drugs.
      Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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        Willjo , I have some pieces of red chert that have what looks like limestone on the sides . I too find pieces like that .


        • willjo
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          It is most likely the cortex of the rock. Chert has a limestone like layer on outside sometimes.

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        I always wondered . Hoss helped me because some of my points look like they are disinigrating . He said if they are on a limestone bed that's it .


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          See this is one of our very old crude points that are ready to turn back into the earth to me .
          limestone .


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            Here is a Dalton made out of what looks like the same material as yours, but it was knapped around 9.000 to 10,000 years ago and is more deteriorated than yours. The Archaeologist call this material Daltonite, may be another name but I don't know it. It don't look like a good choice for points. Click image for larger version

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