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April Fools came early for me...unfortunately

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  • April Fools came early for me...unfortunately

    I still haven't found a point this year, and I have gotten out a few times this month. No luck. After another day of getting skunked, I was heading to my car when I saw what looked like a great point a few yards ahead of me just laying there in the mud. I about jumped out of my shoes running up the hill to grab it. I reached down brushed off a little grit and...began to curse up a storm. No point, just a rock. Not a water worn point, not a greenstone artifact, just a rock. Ohio Shale to be exact. This stuff fractures into sharp triangular pieces that are really annoying to try and scan past as I'm searching. Oh well, maybe next time.
    Ohio Shale mimicking a point.  Mother nature got me.

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    I guess that would be a arrowhead wrong? No worries I would have got excited about that one too!



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      I certainly know that feeling well. Keep at it and happy hunting.
      If both artifact and hunter lie idle, they will not meet.


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        I can see why that got ya going. Don’t worry, don’t push yourself. It’s when we go to relax and hunt, that when we score.The weather will let up. JJ


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          I would have picked that up, just to see if the indentations were pecked or ground-in notches, as I have seen notched weights that looked like that. But there are always things that fool us as we hunt. Comes with the territory.
          Rhode Island